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20/10/2008 Our partner site corehost can now serve all your colocation, virtual and dedicated hosting needs.
28/01/2008 Domain name registrations (.be/.eu/.com/.net/.org/.info) are now 20 Euro/year, and this price includes name serving. For other TLDs, please contact us for pricing information.
10/03/2004 The price for name serving has been reduced to 1 euro/month!
14/02/2004 Pong's third birthday!
01/08/2003 Data traffic allowances have been more than tripled on our services, to 5 GB/month for commercial hosting, and 2,5 GB/month for non-commercial hosting. The price remains unchanged, of course!
14/02/2003 To celebrate Pong's two-year existance, data traffic and diskspace allowances have been extended greatly on all our services. Have a look at the 'services' page!
06/11/2002 Spamassassin has been installed. This means that all e-mail going through Pong will now automatically get a few extra headers indicating the probability that it is spam. Of course, this detection is not 100% accurate, but it is pretty close! No e-mail is blocked at the server, you will still receive all messages destined for you. You can configure your e-mail client to filter all e-mail with the 'X-Spam-Flag: YES' header into a separate box.
03/10/2002 Lower prices for domain registrations - .be/.com/.net/.org/.info registrations now at 30 Euro/year!
28/08/2001 Lower prices for .be domain registrations
13/03/2001 The website of pong.be is officially launched!

More information? info@pong.be
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